With the full of beauty care services and new colors for you to choose from, you are ensured to enjoy the best benefits in our effort to do a great job. Let’s take a look at our price list below!! Our nail salon is always committed to bringing you a reasonable price!


Regular Manicure$16
Classic Manicure$18
Deluxe Manicure$40


Nail Art (ea)$5
Nail Repair$5
Add Shiny Buff$5
(HAND) Regular Polish Change$12
Add Regular French$15


Add Paraffin$10
Add Deluxe Spa$25




Regular Pedicure$16
Classic Pedicure$32
Deluxe Pedicure - Special Promo$45
Deluxe Pedicure$60
Jelly Spa Pedicure$70


Gel/Dip Removal$5
Nail Art (EA)$5
Add Shiny Buff$5
Toes - Nail Repair (EA)$6
Add CBD Spa$10
Add French$10
Add Shiny Buff$12
Regular Polish Change On Toes$14


Add Paraffin$10
Add Jelly Spa$10

Artificial Nails



Acrylic Fullset / Overlay$45
Acrylic Full set w/gel Polish$60
Add Gel Polish$20
Apres Gel-X (Includes Color)$70
Hard Gel Full-set (clear)$70
Pink Acrylic Full-set (Includes Base & Top Gel)$50
Acrylic Ombre Full-set (Included tip & shape)$75
Polygel Fullset (included tip & shape)$70
Acrylic Pink & White Full-set$65
Add Shape (Almond, Coffin, Stiletto, Etc...)$5
Nail Design (ea)$5
Add Longer Length$5
Add French$10
Add Extra Curve French$15
Add Chrome$20
MondayMatte Top Coat$5
Add Cuticles Trim$5
Add Full Manicure$10
Acrylic Removal$5
Acrylic Removal / No Re-Service$10


Refill Acrylic & Gel Polish$50
Acrylic / Overlay Refill$35
Add Gel Polish$20
Hard Gel Refill$60
Pink Acrylic Refill (Includes Base & Top Gel)$40
Acrylic Ombre Refill$55
Acrylic Pink & White Refill$55
Polygel Refill$40
Cut & Reshape$5
Nail Design (ea)$5
Shape Change$5
Long Nail Repair (ea)$10
Add French$10
Add French$10
Extra Curve French$15
Nail Repair (ea)$5
Add Chrome$20
Matte Top Coat$5
Add Cuticles Trim$5
Add Full Manicure$10


Dip Overlay (no tips)$48
Dip French$60
Dip Ombre (Included tip & shape)$75
Dip Clear w/Gel$60
Add Tips(s)$5
Add Shape$5
Nail Design (ea)$5
Add Cuticle Trim$5
Add Manicure$10




Split Gel Manicure / Regular Pedicure$31
Gel Manicure$35
Gel Pedicure$50
Gel Manicure And Regular Manicure$68
Full Set Hard Gel$70
Hard Gel Refull & Ombre$80
Hard Gel Refill & Ombre & Chrome$95


Gel Polish Change On Hand$25
Polish Change Toe & Polish Change Nails$26
Acrylic Gel Polish Change$30
Gel Polish Change On Toes$30
Acryclic Gel Polish Change$30
Gel Polish Change Nail & Regular Polish$39
Gel Polish Change Toe & Regular Polish Change$42
Gel Polish Change Toe & Gel Polish Nails$55

Combo Service



Hard Gel Refill$60
Hard Gel Refill & Polish Change For Toes$74
Regular Manicure & Regular Pedicure$47
Gel Manicure & Regular Pedicure$62
Dip & Regular Pedicure$80
Gel Manicure & Gel Pedicure$80
Regular Manicure & Gel Pedicure$68
Deluxe Pedicure & Classic Manicure$78
Hard gel Full Set & Pedicure$102
Hard Gel Refill & Pedicure$92
Hard Gel Refill & Gel Pedicure$110
Hard Gel Full Set & Pedicure$120
Gel X & Regular Pedicure$102
Dip & Gel Pedicure$98
Dip W/Tip And Pedicure$108
Dip W/Tip Shape & Pedicure$90

Additional Services

Add Chrome$15
Add Matte Top Coat$5
Gel Nail Repair$5
Acrylic Gel Removal$10
Add Paraffin$10
Gel / Dip Removal$5
Gel / Dip Removal - No Reservice$10
Nail Design (EA)$5
Add Gel French$10
Extra Curve French$15
Add French$10
Special Tip (clear)$10
Matte Top Coat$5
Sculpture (sticker form)$10
Cuticles Trim$5


Eyebrows Wax$12
Upper Lip Wax$10
Nose Wax$15
Chin Wax$12
Sideburns Wax$15
Full Face Wax$45
Underarms Wax$20
Underarms Wax$25
Full Back Wax$45
Half Warms Wax$25
Full Arms Wax$45
Brazilians Wax$50
Bikini Wax$30
Half Legs Wax$30
Full Legs Wax$55

Kid Services

Kid Reular Manicure$15
KID Regular Pedicure$25
KID Classic Manicure & Pedicure$40
KID Gel Manicure$30
KID Gel Pedicure$45
KID Gel Manicure & Gel Pedicure$70
KID Regular Polish Change (HAND)$10
KID Regular Polish Change (TOES)$12
KID Regular Polish Change (HAND & TOES)$20


Eyebrows Tinting$40
Lashes Tinting$40
Lash Lift$40
Lashes Removal$25


Lashes Individual$130
Lashes Individual Refill$100
Lashes Fullset Volume$160
Lashes Fullset Volume Refill$120
Lashes Removal$25

Extra Massage

Massage 10 mins$20
Massage 15 Mins$25
Massage 20 mins$30